Tuesday, 22 March 2011

How to Write Your Own Last Will and Testament

Writing a will is a difficult thing best handled by an experienced attorney. If you want to write one here you can.

Follow these suggestions if you decide to write your own last will and testament. Here are the instructions.
  • Identify yourself by name and current address. There could be other "Penelope Taints", and your then-existing address, if you later move, will help make sure this is actually your will. You might also include your date of birth and social security number.
  • State clearly that you are of sound mental health and of contractual capacity. Without this important step, somebody who gets a raw deal in your will, such as your wicked step mother, will be able to shoot down the will in court fairly easily.
  • Appoint an Executor (known in some states as a Personal Representative). The Executor is the person who carries out your instructions and administers your Estate after your death. Every state has rules over who can serve. In most states, if the person is living in your State and over the age of 18, that will do but you obviously want a person who is honest, thrifty, prudent and resourceful.
  • Empower the Executor to pay all of your just debts, funeral expenses, taxes and estate administration expenses. This allows your heirs to take their shares without later deductions or complications.